Thursday, 28 August 2014

D is for Decoupage

Some of the regular social clubbers have been asking us what Decoupage is so we thought that we should write up a quick blog explaining. Here goes….

The name: Decoupage originates from the French word découper which literally means to cut out.

The beginning: The origin of decoupage can be traced back as East Siberia. From here the art moved to China and finally entered Europe through Italy during the 17th Century.    

The whole idea: The aim is to create an ornate and original object by gluing layer upon layer of cut out material onto it. Pieces from magazines, newspapers and other random materials are usually cut into various shapes and stuck down to revamp old and tired boxes, seat covers and furniture pieces. Each layer is usually sealed with multiple coats of varnishes or glue – traditionally about 30 to 40 layers of varnish were used to get a glossy finish.

People who decoupage: Whilst mostly seen as a hobby or past time – there are a select clan who carry out the traditional practice for a living.Someone who does decoupage is known as a decoupeur, or "cutter".

Haven’t tried Decoupage but really want to?  
We are going to decoupage a laser cut out heart that you can take home with you.
Join us on Wednesday, 3rd of September at I love my laundry, 14 Bree Street, Cape Town at 18:00 - 21:00 for an evening of the crème de la crème of all things French including decoupage – bring yourself and a pair of scissors s’il vous plait. See what else the night will have in store here. Buy tickets here.

written by Zeenat Moosa - Social Club Blog contributor

Monday, 25 August 2014

Social Club #18 - Women's Month Rendez Vous {Event details}

Make sure you are attending our next Social Club.  Why oh why I hear you ask? Well not only is Rendez Vous gathering the 5th Social Club gathering of this year,  but it also promises to be THE social club for aspiring ladies across the Mother City. 

As you already know - the aim of social club is get a group of random ladies talking, eating and enjoying the company of other random ladies in a cosy setting with yummy food and great service (that’s why we never tire of I Love My Laundry on Bree Street). It goes without saying that social etiquette is at the heart of all that we are and all that we do yet flawless social etiquette seems to be something that we ladies know so little about but what to master so so well.

In celebration of Women’s Month - Social Club has decided it is finally time to breakdown the complexities of this mindboggling skill-set and help make every woman be a graceful and leading lady.   

From desirable dinning decorum, building the best business banter to being the hottest hostess with the mostess – we have got social etiquette covered down to a finely coiffured capital T. Never make a blunder at dinner ever again and know what to do if you do, know how to keep dinner party conversations flowing just as easy as the champagne is and be the greatest guest one could ever ask for.

Set against a backdrop of all things French because after all, the French are known the world over for their savoir faire (that’s social grace, exquisite mannerisms, the French know-how to me and you), social clubbers can enjoy some tasty hors d'oeuvres, fine wines par excellence and in depth etiquette master class from Rose Murdock from Performher Business Etiquette Academy.

Just remember not to commit a faux a la grande and not adhere to the dress code – all social, clubbers are asked to dress as Parisian Princesses in blue white and red.      

Social clubbers will have the chance to put their newly acquired social skills to the test – undertaking a sticky, gluey, messy but thoroughly fun decoupage task, in the most lady like way off course! Goody bags and prizes are in abundance, consisting of the crème de la crème of French gifts.Buy your ticket now HERE.

Social club is offering two ladies free tickets to next Wednesday’s event. To be in with a chance simply do the following:
  1. Like us on Facebook here.
  2. Follow us on Twitter here. (If you have a Twitter account)
  3. Follow us on Instagram - @socialclubza (If you have an Instagram account)
  4. Then tweet this: Can't wait to escape to France at the next  , excited to decoupage & the etiquette tips 
  5. OR share this event on Facebook and update your status to: Can't wait to escape to France at the next  , excited to decoupage and for the etiquette tips! (note: make sure you tag Social Club on Facebook)
 We shall randomly choose two winners by Tuesday, 2nd September at 12:00.

 written by Zeenat Moosa - Social Club Blog contributor

Friday, 22 August 2014

A movement called Social Club by Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger

Leana Henke from Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger ( shares her Social Club experience with us:

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to attend a Social Club gathering at I Love My Laundry in Bree Street. The theme: Day to Night
What is Social Club?
At first glance of their Twitter bio (We break dance out of our comfort zone, push our boundaries and have a jol! Join us if you dare! Socialise and learn a new skill, craft or hobby at our events) you still can’t quite figure out exactly what it is that they do, but after daring to join them, I found that it IS just one big jol!
Basically, every month, they’ll set up an evening of fun and get someone who is experienced in a skill to teach this skill to 30 other people. The one I attended was a Day to Night look transformation, which was really helpful. So, while you’re feasting on food, sipping on wine and having a great time with your friends, you’re learning a new skill. And if all of this isn’t incentive enough, you get a goodie bag too!
What makes Social Club so special?
There’s a similar sort of thing going on called Secret Eats where you pay an amount and then you book a seat to dine at a “to be announced” venue. It’s actually pretty rad. Social club is almost the same thing, except for the fact that you know what you’re getting and where you’re going from the go.
Why you should try it… at least once.
I was quite excited to try out this “Social club thing” but it totally surpassed my expectations. Yes, there was wine and it was fun but I did NOT expect to ACTUALLY learn something. I also did NOT expect to meet some amazing people either. I met Natalie Vice, who I can totally see myself getting really drunk with, and some really cool chicks who I didn’t know, but got along with like a house on fire. Sometimes, you need to step out of your comfort zone – nothing good ever happens there anyways.
Suddenly, the Social Club Twitter bio makes a whole lot of sense :D you’re welcome!
Click here to visit the siteFacebook pageTwitter page and Instagram page and make sure to book your seat with your besties for the next round!


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